Big Wave Riders -‘Escape The City’

bwr_promo1_ruplaI don’t know if you’ve noticed, but Big Wave Riders have resurfaced after a 4-year absence from the radar. The band will be releasing their sophomore album Endless Summer, quite conveniently, later this summer and unveiled their first single ‘Escape The City’ last Friday. 

According to the band this song is about escapism and “feeling you need to get away from all the heavy things we are facing in our personal lives and as a society“. Really, Big Wave Riders?

You’re really doing this to me now? When I’m up to my ears in all those “heavy things” I need to get done? They really want you to tune out the world, don’t they. Here people are trying to keep up with deadlines and write some master’s thesis that they’ve, ahem, put on hold for a couple of years and Big Wave Riders just come waltzing in all like “Hey man, relaaaax”, “Chill out and enjoy life”. You’ve got some nerve, Big Wave Riders, putting out a track like this all of a sudden. I can’t just escape, there’s too much to do!

As the band themselves proclaim, this song is about finding a “temporary haven in the sun“. It sure sounds like they’ve found theirs. Great. Just great. Now, where was I.