Fluffy Maybes

Fluffy Maybes 松软许诺 is what happens when a once in a century pandemic strikes and locks people in their homes. We all dealt with it in our own way. Some people started knitting, others binge watched every TV show on Netflix while others got really good at looking engaged on Zoom-calls. Jingyun and Robin started making music. Out of quarantine grew an improvisational psychedelic synth and guitar duo.

Fluffy Maybes 松软许诺 is Jingyun and Robin.

Fluffy Maybes was birthed in the pandemic as a transcontinental musical experiment between this currently Berlin based duo. After collaborating online between Shanghai and Berlin, they finally met in person at some point and actually played in the same room. Following this initial meeting, and 6 hours of improvised sessions later, their debut EP ‘Rawland’ was born.

Rawlands EP

Their debut is full of playfulness and drowsy bedroom psychedelic lo-fi electronica. It’s all quite hypnotic and playful at the same time. It sounds a little like when you wake up from an afternoon nap and you have some sort of transcendental experience and you don’t know what universe you’re in.

Rawland was relased on February 18. Watch the videos for “Unnatural Disaster” and their latest single “Snail Telegraph” below.

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