Video: Paavoharju return with new single “Patsaatkin Kuolevat”

The mythical Finnish collective Paavoharju is back on the radar. On October 18th they will release their third full-lenght album “Joko sinä tulet tänne alas tai minä tulen sinne” on Svart Records. The first single taken from the album, “Patsaatkin Kuolevat”, reveals some interesting new influences.

“Patsaatkin Kuolevat” (“Even Statues Die”) is a stripped down, ritualistic hip-hop track (that’s right) with their trademark eerie female and male vocals buzzing around the passive aggressive, almost lethargic delivery of rapper Paperi T, also known as one-third of Finnish rap group Ruger Hauer.

The sound is pretty much what you’d expect from a band that operates primarily out of an abandoned house in the outskirts of Savonlinna; dark, rustic and spellbindingly intimidating. You can almost smell their rural surroundings and the mold on the screechy hardwood floorboards.

Watch the video for “Patsaatkin Kuolevat” below:

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