Finnish Rapper Julma Henri Premieres New Track,”E U R O C R A C K F U N K” ft. Aaro Di Costa

eurocrack_promo_02The incorruptible Finnish rapper known as Julma Henri shared a new track today, in anticipation of his forthcoming album Eurocrack – Huume. The track is called “E U R O C R A C K F U N K” and features Aaro Di Costa.

On “E U R O C R A C K F U N K” Julma Henri takes a laid back approach and makes use of pulsating, airy 80’s beats and jaunty synthesizers, pared with a thumping drum machine and synth loops. The robbery mask clad activist rapper, known for his lyrical depictions of social stratification and the flip side of welfare society, affirms once more that the fearlessness and individuality with which he writes, is applied equally to his musical language.

Eurocrack – Huume is released June 28 via Fullsteam (pre-order here).

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