Sam Amidon – “Saro”

Sam Amidon is an American singer/banjoist who reinvents old American folk songs in a modern context. He effortlessly jumps between centuries, transporting you to a time perhaps more simple yet no less compelling.
I’ve been listening to his second album All Is Well all day and I can’t stop. I’m so moved the sincerity in his voice and his apparent ingenious understanding of music. After searching around all year for that record that would wow me, I have found it in All Is Well. When I find an album I really love it makes me so happy. It’s the first thing I listen to when I wake up and the last thing I hear before I sleep. I know this one will stay with me forever. Just the fact that he has made a version of one of the best melancholic songs ever, O Death, that is rid of all angst reveals his overflowing talent. This record must not be overlooked.

My favorite song on this album has got to be Saro, which is an interpretation of a traditional Appalachian song called Pretty Saro that has its roots in the early 20th century. It has appeared in various variations throughout its history and was popularized by folk revivalists in the 1960’s.