Video | Joose Keskitalo – “Me Palvelemme Kuolemaa”

“Me palvelemme kuolemaa” (video by Lauri Ainala)

This song is taken from Joose Keskitalo’s upcoming album, “Tule minun luokseni, Kulta”, which will be released March 4th. You can order it here, if you’re as anxious to get it as I am. Going through the track-list I was pleased to find a song called “Pimeydestä pimeyttä vastaan”. This one was a live favorite of mine last year, so I’m glad he decided to put it on the record. Joose was one of last year’s best music findings for me personally. I think there is something really extraordinary in everything he does. Finnish melancholy has never been more beautiful than in “Me palvelemme kuolemaa”. Loosely translated this means “we serve death”, which is a theme that seems to permeate Joose Keskitalo’s music.

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