Down In June

Some brave Swedes have decided to flirt outrageously with Death in June and make an entire album of cover songs. Death in June should feel very proud to receive the attention of such a fine group of totenpoppers. They call themselves Down in June and they are clearly head over heels in love with their peers. Not in any way submissive in their love, they simply bow their heads to their master with outmost respect. This is no ordinary cover band who just wants to emulate, this band truly pays tribute. The record entitled “COVERS…DEATH IN JUNE’ will be released in September but you can pre-order it now from Soleil Moon.

I am listening to them as I write and as always they make me shiver a bit. This band really gets me excited, in a very physical way. The blending of female and male vocals alone is genius. Their voices are so feather light and beautiful, the female vocals especially send shivers down my spine. Their version of “Kameradschaft” is the most beautiful duet I have ever heard, I’m at a loss for words. Not to mention “Fall Apart”. I have to be sitting down when it starts; the intro KILLS me. I’m so blown away and moved by this band, I can’t be specific. Brilliant brilliant brilliant in caps lock, my friends.

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