Rami Vierula -Ikuinen yö

Finnish songwriter Rami Vierula released his debut album Ikuinen yö last week. Several excellent releases have preceded this full-length album, but this body of work seems to tie them all together perfectly.

What’s always struck me with Vierula’s music is how skilled he is at fusing different styles of music, managing to weave them into his own experimental mix of drowsy indie pop.

Vierula’s songs are like places he revisits, but each time with a new perspective. Returning to memories and past events with a new stance, both musically and emotionally.

Previously, the songs have sounded adrift and cut off from the outside world. While perfectly comfortable in his own solitude, he’s done himself a huge favour by inviting other people into the room on this record. Henri Lindström, Ringa Manner, Onni Nieminen and Kaarlo Stauffer all help to flesh out Vierula’s sound with jazzier and ambient textures, taking his songs to a whole new level.

Listen to single “Uhmaa perkelettä” below.

Cover art by Teemu Tanner

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