Faustina Masigat – ‘Stay With Me’

For Faustina Masigat – widely talented and steeped in traditional music – it wasn’t her years of music studies that would come to shape her into the artist she is today. Instead, it was a process of unlearning the rules through which she was able to discover her own musical path.

Having found her own voice and a new approach to songwriting, she is now prepared to release her self-titled debut album.

The first single from the album is called “Stay With Me”. A pretty straightforward and traditional love song, yet somehow Faustina Masigat manages to cram the whole spectrum of a relationship into its barely 4 minute folk format.

Masigat’s warm and intimate vocals lead the way as Tucker Jackson’s pedal steel follows calmly by her side throughout the song. In her soft and unflustered way she translates the feeling of holding on to a love that you’re afraid will slip away, forcing you to give up control and letting someone else take the lead. She delivers the words carefully and with awareness, unafraid of being vulnerable and fully aware of what she’s asking for, and giving up in return.

The album will be available April 6 via Mama Bird Recording Co.

Listen to “Stay With Me” below.

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