Joose Keskitalo – ‘Tietoisuus’


In the past when describing Joose Keskitalo’s music words like lighthearted and breezy wouldn’t immediately come to mind. Now, when listening to his new single ‘Tietoisuus’, you begin to wonder what kind of revelation he’s had to make him sound almost exuberant.

One distinctive change is that he’s teamed up with free jazz/folk music group The Mystic Revelation of Teppo Repo, who offer the perfect complement to Keskitalo’s intimate minimalism.

The amalgamation of the two makes for an interesting combination of versatile instrumentation and elements from jazz and gypsy influences. ‘Tietoisuus’ almost passes by you unnoticed, like a breeze, with its languorous melody and steady, gentle percussion not even trying to reel in the violins. All the while a joyous saxophone goes wild. All is well in the afterworld.

Joose Keskitalo’s new album Julius Ceasarin Anatomia is released March 3 on Helmi Levyt.

3 thoughts on “Joose Keskitalo – ‘Tietoisuus’

    1. I agree. He’s got a pretty vast back catalogue but I’d recommend you start with the ‘Luoja Auta’ album from 2004!

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