El Perro Del Mar – ‘Ding Sum’


Back in in 2003 when Sara Assbring released her debut album Look! It’s El Perro Del Mar back in 2003 she was still a Twiggy channeling embodiment of some depressed member from a 60’s girl group. Although never drifting too far from her native melancholia, she has long since traded in the forlorn doo-wops and hand claps for a more up-beat and experimental sound. Raging from 60’s pop to trip-hop to house, she has experimented boldly in order to constantly reinvent her sound.

On her single “Ding Sum”, taken from her latest album Kokoro, she again ventures into new territory. Diverging both stylistically and geographically her previous soundscapes, “Ding Sum” explores different ethnocultural influences, mainly Asian 60’s pop. Once more Sara Assbring shows us how central rhythm is in her music and the result like a wild Chinese disco song, trying to fit in a Bollywood soundtrack.

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