Track | Iisa – ‘Perjantai’

Finnish singer Iiisa released her self-titled debut album as a solo artist back in 2014. So why am I writing about her first single ‘Perjantai’ now, I hear you ask. Well, simply because I think it’s worth returning to in case anyone missed it.

Iisa,who previously fronted Finnish indie pop group Regina, is now an established solo artist having released her sophomore album ‘Kukaan Ei Oo Kenenkään’ last year. ‘Perjantai’, the first single to be released from the album, is a bubbly track driven by a strong melody and Iisa’s sensitive vocals, a combination of sweetness and maturity, which always add a certain playfulness to her songs. There’s a D&B beat that lightly pulsates throughout and adds an energetic yet laid back feel to the song.

On ‘Perjantai’ she asserts herself as a woman who is perfectly content with spending the whole weekend alone. She’s all alone on Friday and Saturday and Sunday for that matter. And she doesn’t mind. She’s perfectly fine with dancing on her own.On this track Iisa inadvertantly creates this room for us. That space where expectations are put on the backburner for a while and the music is cranked up. There’s something very refreshing in that she’s dancing in her bedroom. She is not a lonely woman she is just by herself. In this free space, free of interruptions, phone off the hook, she can create her own fictional world. Or just dance around in a sparkly dress however she likes without anyone watching.



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