Bill, Moray & Bill – EP#4

The colourful and flamboyant duo known as Bill, Moray & Bill recently released their new EP, simply entitled EP#4. Containing 4 psychedelic retro-pop tracks, it offers an eye-catching showcase of their trademark surrealist world. The combination of Jenna Saarinen’s girly 60’s bubblegum vocals and Matti Mustonen’s dramatic baritone quickly brings to mind another duo, namely the equally excentric and 60’s groove inspired Giddle&Boyd. Just like their American counterparts they have a flare for matching quirky song, filled with off-beat references and cinematic lyrics, with a large dose of theatrics. Through their songs they transform themselves into three-dimensional characters and create a true performance art extravaganza.

Stream the EP below via Bandcamp.


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