Salvage My Dream – “Lemon Tray”


Salvage My Dream is the moniker for Wakefield, England-based singer-songwriter Robin Fisher. With two albums and an EP under his belt he’s explored everything from folk to drone to shoegaze. On May 26 he’s releasing yet another EP entitled Desert, Sea and Grass which was partly recorded in a garage in Los Angles and partly in “a downstairs toilet in York”. This lo-fi approach creates a very intimate atmosphere on The EP’s opening track, “Lemon Tray”. In this breezy folk song Fisher’s reverberated vocals, which contain the same tender huskiness as a young Arlo Guthrie, take center stage before he’s accompanied by what sounds like an entire hippie commune backing him up. All the while a gently fluttering glockenspiel flows throughout, adding a gentle touch to the song.

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