Alexander Tucker + Ginnungapap

I’m focusing all my attention on Alexander Tucker this week. I actually haven’t been this excited over an artist in a while. With a past in both hardcore and post rock bands, Tucker’s progression towards experimental DIY folk seems quite appropriate. It’s amazing what some people can do with an acoustic guitar and the the power of effect pedals. He restrains himself to no limits of where you can take folk. He takes musical side routes through drone, ambient, metal and binds everything together in a haze of drone folk.

What I find very satisfying about his music is his sense of rhythm. He has an amazing sense of tempo in the way he sings and constructs his songs. His voice is one of many sound effects in his mix and he uses it to its full ability. In some songs, like “Veins to the Sky”,  his voice is very high pitched and moves along to the guitar in a very meditative way. In other songs he tunes his voice like his guitar and puts on layers of dark, chanting vocals. His latest album, Portal, is one of the most interesting albums I’ve heard in a long time.

Go check him out; link.


Tucker’s work with Stephen O’Malley from drone masters Sunn O))) is a reassuring name dropper in this case and leads me my next subject. Tucker has worked with O’Malley on his side project Ginnungagap (rolls right off the tongue, doesn’t it), namely on an EP entitled Remeindre.

One evening I lay on my couch and listened to this masterpiece from start to finish, closed my eyes and drifted away. I don’t know where I went but it was a nice place. The hypnotic and dreamy sound and heavy drone combined with eastern melodies completely robbed me of my sense of time. Remeindre is built upon various different folk instruments immersed in a plethora of ritualistic and mystical ambient sounds. The ethnic texture fits perfectly with the atonal mile running of the massive drone passages. This is simply a beautiful listening experience.

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