Linn Koch-Emmery branches out on new single “Wires”: Listen


Ever since the release of her break-out single “Come Back” in 2016, Sweden’s Linn Koch-Emmery has been building a name for herself with one convincing, fuzz guitar-driven track after another.

Her latest single “Wires”, produced by Niklas Berglöf in Stockholm, follows last year’s debut EP, Boys. With its swirling melody and Kock-Emmery’s drowsy delivery, “Wires” gives off the same shrug and eye-roll vibe found on Boys, but here it’s fleshed out as rich and dynamic alt-rock full of high-reaching guitars and shimmering drums that unfold at every turn. The entire production pushes her to the forefront of her sepia hazy world, which she rules so comfortably.

Listen below.

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