Rami Vierula: EP (s/t)

Hey, how’s it going? Hope you’ve had a great summer. Sorry for not blogging! I really should have, considering there’s been so much good music released lately.

One of my favourites of the past few months is a double EP by Rami Vierula. Released in May on Sitrustapes, it ties together his two previous Finnish language EP:s ‘Ajantajuton’ and ‘Häilyt ja synnyt EP’.

The lo-fi production on these recordings lends itself nicely to the compilation’s many abstract sound excursions. Lingering in a half awake-state, the minimal instrumentation of piano, voice and guitar is embedded in ambient and sedative arrangements, veering into spooky territory. Luminous and spell binding, each song makes for a deep diving and introspective journey, like deathbed confessions for a dying day. Musically the EP has as much in common with Debussy as it has with Deerhunter – an unlikely meeting on paper but one that in this setting seems completely natural.

The sense of solitude in the songs makes it feel a little like you’re eavesdropping on a very private moment. But the door is half-open and there’s a long shadow shooting across the room which you can’t help wondering about. Having previously recorded in English with his band Delay Trees, Vierula seems to have found in his native language an even more direct way of engaging with demons and ghosts.

Listen below.

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