The day is here: Listen to My Bloody Valentine’s new album “MBV”

Go on and pinch yourselves; this is no mirage. After leaving us with the iconic Loveless 22 years ago, My Bloody Valentine have graced us with a new album.

The 9-track album is titled MBV and can now be ordered from their website, in whatever version you prefer; digital download, CD or vinyl.

It was last night that the announcement of both a new album and a new website was made via Facebook reading  “We are preparing to go live with the new album/website this evening. We will make an announcement as soon as its up.” This was simply too much for the internet to handle, subsequently breaking it and prolonging the wait for fans who flocked to the site, causing it to crash and greet everyone with a not so friendly server error message.

The site is now up and running so head over there and purchase your own copy. Stream the album below:

Artwork and tracklist:

  • 1. she found now
  • 2. only tomorrow
  • 3. who sees you
  • 4. is this and yes
  • 5. if i am
  • 6. new you
  • 7. in another way
  • 8. nothing is
  • 9. wonder 2

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