New music from Morrissey: “Action Is My Middle Name”

In 2011 Morrissey revealed that the follow-up to 2009′s Years Of Refusal was ready and fluttering wildly against the bars.  The only delaying factor was the lack of a label to release it on. He subsequently premiered three new songs BBC Radio 2 that same year, one of which was “Action Is My Middle Name”. This week he performed said song at the Late Night Show with David Letterman (watch below), a performance coinciding with the news of him resuming a previously postponed US tour.

“Action Is My Middle Name” is a representation of the modern Morrissey; the bold, take charge-character. Self-assured, but not brassy. One that has come of age in recent years. The Morrissey-esque drama is intact; “everybody has a date with an undertaker” he concludes, but brushes off that fact and firmly declares “I cannot waste time anymore”.

Much of Morrissey’s toughened up persona ought to be accredited to his excellent backing band, who add poise to his image. They’re a gang of rockabilly rebels and Morrissey is the leader of the pack.

Morrissey’s wicked sense of humour has always been at the heart of his writing, yet it has evaded many that have labeled him a moper extraordinaire. In the end of the Letterman performance when he stares directly into the camera as if he dares you to challenge him, you catch a glimpse of that mischievous man behind the icon. You realise that he’s not taking himself nearly as seriously as one might think.