Track | Marissa Nadler / Angel Olsen “My Dreams Have Withered and Died” (Richard and Linda Thompson cover)

With a voice that proposes a sanctuary from the outside world it’s difficult not to be taken under Marissa Nadler’sspell. Recently she’s taken it upon herself to transform other people’s songs, amongst them Duran Duran’s classic “Ordinary World” and Daniel Johnston’s “Devil Town”. 

For her latest cover project Nadler has teamed up with Angel Olsen for a cover of Richard and Linda Thompson’s “My Dreams Have Withered and Died”, taken from 1974’s I Want to See the Bright Lights Tonight. Angel Olsen and Marissa Nadler both share the ability to captivate with beautiful vocals and equally engaging deliveries of a song’s story. The  lo-fi setting is a little confining for their voices, but it’s a perfect place for all the subdued gloom.

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