[Video] Zola Jesus – Night

Sometimes it’s so hard to find things that excite. Sometimes I don’t know what to listen to, everything bores me. Then all of a sudden there it is, something that takes you away from the orthodox song structures, away from the expected. A while back a girl who goes by the name of Zola Jesus came along and did just that. Zola Jesus is a  Siouxsie-sounding, gothic lo-fi dream. Lo-fi goth. How about that

She has a new EP coming out, due for release tomorrow, entitled Stridulum. The first taste of this album is a track called Night. It marks a sharp shift from her previous material, reserving the brooding distortion for her lyrical content. She seems to be gravitating towards a cleaner, more fine tuned synth pop sound. Compared to her previous releases this is her most accessible song to date. Judging by this song I have a sneaking suspicion that Stridulum will demand a lot of attention. It seems that Zola Jesus is only getting started and is working hard to blow our minds.

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